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Things are getting Fish-y at FHM

The other day, we headed over to FHM to work on something a little bit special. The boys at FHM wanted to know what the four best hairstyles for 2015 are so, understandably, they came to us. And here’s what happened...

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The Utter Gutter Gets Hooked

Top male blogger Robin from The Utter Gutter dropped by for a shape up. Here’s what we got up to...

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50 Shades of Fish

If your Mrs is a bit Christian Grey mad, what’s the best thing you could do for her? Take a butchers at our Mr Grey ‘how to’, obviously.

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Fish Shows FHM the Top 2015 Hair Trends

FHM dropped us a line to say they needed a hand finding out the top styling trends for 2015, so of course we gave them a bit of a masterclass...

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Fish's Football Team. Come on in and meet the team – they’re a friendly bunch.

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20 Years of Fish Styling #FishTwenty

In 1995, Paul Burfoot (owner of the Fish salon, entrepreneur and all-round top bloke) created the very first Fish Wax. And so the Fish tale began...

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Fish Soho

AquaFish washes straight out with no mucking around, so you've got no excuse for being late anymore. Sorry. #fishtwenty Shop the AquaFish collection now at


RT @LeeServenti: @fishsoho my dream team,,, can rely on these bad boys to keep things looking and smelling fresh #fishtwenty…


Thanks for the new #bzzkit #BzzAgent - #FishTwenty #gotitfree

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